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Love is in the Air at GJHS

Jailen Manzanares, Reporter

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February is the month of love, since it contains Valentine’s day. This holiday is a way that lovers can show their affection to each other in an overly dramatic manner. Which is fine, unless you’re single, like most of the teen population. Single people have to deal with seeing all of this happen in front of them, only reminding them of how much they fail at life since they don’t have a significant other. But some people are still respectful towards the holiday, and lately single girls do valentines with their friends and just buy each other chocolates and cry during chick flicks such as “Clueless” or “Mean Girls”.

GJHS also gets in the spirit of love, student council organizes the “Crush for Crush”. Which is a way that you can send your Valentine a bag of candy to let them know that you care for them.

“I hate Valentine’s day, I think it would be better if I had a boyfriend,” Jenna Greenlee, sophomore, said.

“The crush for crush thing is not necessary, I think it singles people out and makes them feel bad about themselves. I don’t need to send them first of all, and second of all, I don’t have anyone to send them to. Even if i had someone to send them to, I wouldn’t do it.” Greenlee said.

While some students hate this holiday, others don’t mind it.

“I like Valentine’s day because it’s, ‘love-y’ but I never spend it like that. It’s a very cute holiday, but I’ve never had a valentine so it’s whatever,” Jilleeann Warinner, junior, said.

This year, our school introduced the idea of Winter Formal again. This is supposed to be something new and fun.

“I think it would be really fun, but I won’t be able to go  because of other plans. But if i wasn’t already busy, I would be there. My last school never had dances so it’s a new experience for me,” Warinner said.  

GJHS celebrates the new holidays and traditions, and is trying to bring in new traditions.

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Love is in the Air at GJHS