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Rebecca Tigert

Kaitlin Berg, Reporter

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Rebecca Tigert has always been into art. A lot of her art is pencil based, but she’s also into markers and watercolor. Most of her art is created with some sort of meaning, which is easily noticed when looking at any of her big pieces. “Art with meaning is important because one purpose of art is to express and inspire, so having a meaning behind it gives it more purpose and connection to people,” Tigert, junior, said.

One piece she has been working on is an acrylic painting called “From Within.” It is a drawing of a woman with plants growing out of her body to symbolize inner beauty with a small scene of nature behind it, then a blank background and the silhouette of dead plants on the bottom. Right now, she only has a small draft of it, but she is working on painting it on a larger canvas. “Current society is so focused on external beauty and worshiping people based on good selfies on social media, instead of their personality and soul,” she said.

Tigert progress of “From Within”

“Heat and Snow,” is one of her smaller drawings. It’s of two women of complete opposites. “I wanted to make fashion designs based off of the theme of heat and snow. The snow is more delicate so she’s sweet and the heat is more aggressive and powerful,” Tigert said.

“Time will pass, but will you?” Is a watercolor painting of an old fashioned clock and a pile of school books. “The painting was a print and watercolor that could be interpreted as getting lost in school work. The cold colors around the objects symbolize space and how school seems to take up people’s entire universe,” she said.

Final piece

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Rebecca Tigert