Nicoletti Prepares For Big Things

After a life time of lacrosse, Alex Nicoletti hopes to make her dreams come true

Aaron King, Reporter

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Alexandra Nicoletti (Alex) is a sensational lacrosse player and recently signed with a Division one school, East Carolina University. Senior, Alex Nicoletti has played varsity lacrosse since her freshman year, and is planning on making a huge difference in college; then maybe someday becoming a coach.

Nicoletti has won many awards, is a hard worker, is driven and has been a huge contributor to many Grand Junction High School wins. She has done a lot for Grand Junction, and will soon be doing quite a contribution for East Carolina!

“I have received 2nd team all-conference sophomore and junior year, and I’ve been starter since freshman year,” Nicoletti said.

Keep in mind she is yet to play this senior year, and could be recognized for more this year as well. Nicoletti has tons on her plate, and has been doing a lot with her gift of lacrosse. “I didn’t necessarily work hard to receive those awards, but they were a result of my hard work in the sport,” Nicoletti said.

Nicoletti said that she would like to carry her lacrosse career far in her life beyond college, even though she wouldn’t necessarily be playing it. “I am excited for my future in college lacrosse at East Carolina and I hope to help build a winning team and compete in the NCAA tournament when I’m an upperclassman. I don’t plan on taking my lacrosse career past college, but I would like to be a coach someday,” Nicoletti, said.

Nicoletti has experienced lacrosse all throughout her life, and she talked about the things that helped her get to where she is today.

“I have played on teams that have had girls from all over the country. I think that has helped me the most to get where I am. I had a dream to play D1 [Division one] lacrosse and so I worked really hard to make that happen. I would say I am a hardworking person and that’s the main reason I have had success in lacrosse,” Nicoletti, said.

Nicoletti is an outstanding lacrosse player, and has amazing talent. She is definitely in the spotlight for Grand Junction High School, and will soon be being watched by many people all over the country. Anyone who has watched her play knows she is a sensational player.

Nicoletti will be the player to watch this year going into the lacrosse season during the spring. Keep an eye out for Alexandra Nicoletti, because she is expected to have a great season.

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