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Dressin’ for the Successin’

The difference in clothing style expectation between boys and girls

Jacob Melchor, Reporter

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Society has always had different expectations on how men and women should dress. In the 1800s the women always wore very nice dresses and they were respected when they did dress like that. As for the men they dressed for what their job was, if he were a businessman they dressed in a nice suit and if he was a sheriff then it was more of wearing long sleeved shirts. The way the men dressed just really depended on their job.

Fast-forwarding to the 21st century men and women aren’t as diverse on what to wear, as we were 200 year or even just 70 years ago. Now both men and women can dress the way they want to because our society has changed to where we accept anyone and how they dress. “It depends on the day and what is happening that day. I like to usually dress casual and comfortable. I don’t really like to dress fancy because it’s just not me. When I have to dress nice I slay it” Abbey Matthews, sophomore, said.

When people try to decide on what to wear it really just depends on how they are feeling or whether there is a special occasion going on. It also depends on the weather because you want to be comfortable in either hot or cold weather. “Well I dress the way I do because I want to be comfortable while also looking good” Palmer Meyers, sophomore, said. You don’t want to be wearing pants and a long sleeve sweater in the summer because you would be hot and miserable.

Some people dress because they are either not comfortable with their body or they are super confident about his or her body. They might wear either just a tank top because they are just that confident or some might wear shirts that cover up their shoulders because they don’t want people be attracted to their arms.

“I wear what I wear because I feel like the realest OG out there” Anaya Sills, sophomore, said.

The styles of the way men and women dress have evolved over time. They changed from what society approves of, to expressing who they are as a person.

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Dressin’ for the Successin’