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Michael Taylor, reporter

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Four different one act plays, four very different, very unique stories.

Moments by Celestyn Baker: A heartwarming story of a brother and sister who are in a tragic accident while driving to a fun day at the zoo, while April (sister) is in a coma for 16 days her brother Randy stays by her side the whole time, he reads her favorite book the giving tree to her every day.

The Daughter of Apollo directed by Renee Farley: Halley Loras is unsure who she is in the world she puts up a good wall, a mask, facade whatever you like to call it, around her friends they see her as a regular person but she doesn’t know where she stands in the world. Through some unlikely events she finally finds who she really is and comes to understand her true powers.

The Sound of Silence directed by Mira Martin: Joseph has been to a number of psychologists and very few have been able to help but they have all come to the conclusion that Joseph has MPD (multiple personality disorder) because Joseph speaks to Steve. Joseph visits his new psychologist Dr. Howell it has two months and Joseph has made no progress, he also fails to mention that he was the cause of his brother’s accidental death. As Dr. Howell does some research she comes to the conclusion that Steve is actually a specter and that Joseph won’t let him go because he feels the crippling guilt of the harm he did to his brother while he was living. Joseph realizes that Steve is not happy and Dr. Howell helps Steve to the other side thus Joseph has closure and can lead a normal life.

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